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Home Buying: The First Steps

You have made the decision to buy a house- now what? I get calls often from new clients, friends and family that want to purchase a home but have no idea where to begin. I walk you from the first step through the finish line on your home buying journey. By calling me, you have already taken your first step.

STEP ONE: (after calling me) Get pre-approved to know your buying power

Interview & choose a mortgage lender that will review your financials and help you establish a home shopping budget. Your pre-approval letter is your golden ticket to purchasing a home- it shows the seller that you are an able buyer, which is necessary in a competitive market. - I have a list of trusted local lenders if you do not already have a loan specialist.

STEP TWO: Create your wish list

With your established budget in mind, focus on creating a wish list. What are some deal breakers- the must haves? Write 5-10 things that are important to you - 5 that are “must haves” and 5 that are “dream home”. Consider the following when making your list;


SQFT of home & property size

# of Bedrooms & Bathrooms

Nearby Amenities

Commute to work

Fixer or Move in ready

STEP THREE: Home Tours

You may have already scoured listings on real estate sites and have a feel for what is available. With your loan pre-approval, it is time we tour your favorites and discuss further criteria to narrow down the search and get you in the right home,. There are two ways we can tour homes;

Private showing- a scheduled appointment that I confirm with the seller in order to show you the home and property privately. The more you are available for touring in a competitive market, the better.

Open House- The listing agent will sometimes hold an open house for the public with no appointment needed- this is a great way to drop in at your leisure.

STEP FOUR: Writing an offer - Key components

We have found a home that you see yourself making memories in and you are ready to write an offer. Congratulations! This is an exciting step! When writing an offer there are many terms and contingencies you should consider;

Purchase price

Closing date

Amount of earnest money

Offer expiration date

included/excluded items

Financing contingency

Inspection contingency

Plus, any other terms & contingencies needed depending on the property (Blog post coming soon about important offer components)

BUYER TIP: In a competitive market, you may be competing against other offers- write your best offer- don’t be afraid to be aggressive.


Once your offer is submitted to the seller, they will review it and can respond in one of three ways:

Response #1: Seller can accept your offer as written = MUTUAL ACCEPTANCE

Response #2: Seller can present a counter-offer to you to review- you may accept, reject or offer another counter until an agreement is reached.

Response #3: Seller can reject your offer

When you are ready to take the first step toward purchasing a home, call me at (360) 621-8698 and I will get you started in the right direction!

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